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from the studio

from the studio

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A collaborative partnership unfolded.

Story Arc

Over several weeks, we worked closely with Cait to uncover what was missing from her existing copy and add depth and clarity to drive her brand’s mission home.

Impactful copy seeded with care.

The Result

At the close of our project, Cait walked away with a refreshed brand voice and words to make the impact it truly deserves. With newfound confidence in who Botany box serves and how Cait and her team enlisted us to continue our copywriting support in ongoing e-commerce newsletters.

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Vonn Weisenberger


A Deeply Creative Collaboration




For all my female entrepreneurs out there: run, don't walk! Take the leap with Rachel & her team to better your business—whether that be in your brand voice, your website, email marketing, etc.!

Cait, founder

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