Email welcome sequences are among the most powerful marketing strategies to nurture new email subscribers on your list and to introduce them to your brand.

Say goodbye to generic templates and embrace a thoughtful framework that empowers you to infuse your voice and stories, nurture your email list with authenticity and build a loyal following. 

In this guide and fillable workbook, we’ll uncover the transformative potential of brand storytelling and what happens when you weave your brand's unique narratives into every email of a 5-email welcome sequence. You’ll learn the power of brand storytelling, the ins and outs of creating an enthralling newsletter sequence and sustainable cadence to keep the words flowing and your readers engaged.

This guide is for you if…
+ You’re a product or service-based business ready to start a newsletter (or already have one!) and want to start nurturing your email list instead of putting off writing that welcome sequence someday.
+ You know the importance of having an email welcome sequence but aren’t sure where to even begin when it comes to writing one.
+ Are aware that all you need to stand out from the pack and nurture your email community, but are unsure how.

THE Features

StoryFlow Email Sequence Workbook

1. Step-by-Step Guide & Fillable Workbook 

2. 10 Tips & Tricks for Email Best Practices

3. The 5-Email Framework & Samples Series for a Mock Brand

4. 15 Tips to Make the Most of Your Email Welcome Sequence

5. 25 Newsletter Topics to Keep the Words Flowing

6. Email Welcome Sequence Fillable Template

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*This digital product is delivered as a downloadable PDF and is non-returnable and non-refundable.

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This is such a wonderful and incredibly helpful offering! Thank you, Rachel and your amazing team.

Jade Rhoads