Helping emerging copywriters build a purposeful and sustainable copywriting business through personalized mentorship sessions with Rachel.

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We Believe We're Better Together

Sure, you get to lean into your craft wholeheartedly, but in addition to writing and working with brands and entrepreneurs you want to work with, you also need to run a business. You're starting to considering aspects like do you want a team, you're juggling admin, sales and marketing tasks...oh, and how can we forget about taxes? Those parts probably weren't covered at your last job.

But you don’t need to do any of it alone. Our guiding ethos here at Lāer is to support others in any way we can. From our complimentary and growing digital resources in our Lāer Library to personalized support, we believe in helping you make your greatest difference in this space, too.

With ten years of industry experience freelance writing, working at marketing agencies, and running Lāer full-time while building a purpose-filled life, Rachel is here to guide you through the tides of running a copywriting business so you can bring yours to fruition just as you envisioned. Our Studio Hour availability is intentionally limited to ensure we can dedicate enough time and energy to each copywriter.

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And the truth? Running a copywriting business is hard work.

The Possibilities Are Endless


Client Experience

From onboarding and offboarding to understanding client relationships and scope creep.

Lead Generation & Marketing

Social media, newsletter, freebies, Pinterest, etc…do you really need to do it all?


Discovery calls, contracts, proposals, pitches and so much more.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Attracting the right people at the right time, and keep them coming back for more.


Honing in on what you love most and making sure you’re offerings reflect that.

Operations & Systems

Navigating your first hire, structuring your business, and stepping into leadership.

Curious about what we could cover in an hour? Here are some areas of focus.

Honing in on what you love most and making sure you’re offerings reflect that.

Have something in mind that wasn’t mentioned above? We’re all ears. This hour is for you, so be sure to share all the details in your application form.


A Guided, Trusted & Completely Collaborative Experience


client testimonial


Rachel gave me a lot of suggestions for not only building my team but also streamlining other aspects of my business, even sharing templates I can use to onboard team members and give feedback. She was open to sharing her experiences, and I appreciated the week of follow-up support where she gave me feedback on some internal documents.

I loved how organized and smooth the whole experience flowed.

Elizabeth of ES Content Creative


It genuinely did feel like you were chatting with a friend…it felt sincere, it allowed space for the raw and authentic conversations to come through. [We have] more accountability and are finally wrapping up our email marketing list. 

It didn't feel like a paid session...

Cheryl of The Copy Brew


She helped me take my chaotic ideas and structure them into some SUUUUPER cool offers that are going to change the game for businesses and creators.

I can't recommend working with Rachel kind, smart and thoughtful.

Jessie of First Rodeo Creative




Studio Hour Questionnaire

60-Minute Studio Hour Call (ZOOM recording)

The Details

What's included in each Studio Hour booking.

Studio Hour Recap & Recommended Steps

5 DAYS of Email & Accountability Support

*Limited availability each month.

$300 per session

How it All Works

THe studio hour

Ready to move forward?

Select a day/time that works best for you, pay your invoice and we’ll invite you to share what’s going on in your world of copywriting in our Studio Hour Questionnaire.


The Call

It's time!

Show up to your scheduled time and get ready to get to work. Here, we’ll approach your topic of choice with a sense of curiosity to get the heart of your specific goal. Your call will be recorded on Zoom so you can watch it back at any point.


Recap and recommendations.

After our call, you’ll receive a detailed recap with actionable steps and personalized recommendations, resources, and tips on a clear path forward.


Have a question about the recommendations we shared?

Did another question come up about your particular obstacle at hand? This is your chance to ask any clarifying questions as they relate to your chosen Studio Hour topic for up to five days after your call.

Is there another area of your business you’d like to focus on? Book another Studio Hour session as often as you need.

Founder and editor in chief of Lāer Studio.

Meet Your Mentor

Rachel Leslie 

Hi, fellow copywriter. I'm honored you're here.

If you've been wondering how all those other copywriting business owners do it all, feeling overwhelmed with client work, or you're continuing to ask yourself when more work will be coming through, know that you're not alone. 

I've stood exactly where you stand today.

In the past three years of building this copywriting studio, I've taken my decade-long marketing agency experience, freelance writing, and working as a digital copywriter at Nike to build a copywriting business that fuels my purpose and my life. Everything we do here at Lāer is through a lens of intention and impact. From the 100+ brands we've worked with and the experts that make up our team today, and now, to you. 

I believe the most fulfilling partnerships are imbued with realness and warmth from the beginning. When you and I sit down to talk through what's on your mind in your world or work, know, that's exactly what you'll get. I can't wait to meet you.


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