It all started with a shared love for the written word.

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Our guiding purpose is to uncover the authentic narratives of those in conscious pursuit of real impact and connection.


Impact & Connection



Lāer, derived from artistically spelling 'real' backward, embodies our goal of forging relationships with genuine, friendly, and uplifting people and writing authentic narratives that communicate and stay true to the core of clients while standing out. Lāer also sounds like 'layer' – verbally representing how we dig deep to understand each unique business' layers, depth, and heart. Likewise, we not only aim to help our clients discover the beauty in their narratives but a clear and deep understanding of their perspective and how to communicate it authentically.

Embodying Real Stories Written With Depth

The Meaning Beneath Our Studio Name

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Unearthing a True Passion for Storytelling from a Whirlwind of Multi-Cultural Experiences & Adventures

Fresh out of college with a degree from the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism, Lāer founder, Rachel, was in pursuit of something new: a once-in-a-lifetime experience she could look back on in years to come. As a young writer, Rachel moved from a small town in Ohio to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where she unearthed her true passion for storytelling.

Between scuba diving sessions and wheeling around town on her motorbike, Rachel flexed her writing muscles as a Vietnam Expert for Google Trips and contributed to magazines. After her many years abroad, Rachel returned to the states with a newfound passion for copywriting.

The Preface 

Gaining Experience to Ultimately Reclaim Our Journalistic Foundation and Use it for Good

After working at a PR and marketing agency and the digital behemoth that is Nike (yes, that Nike), as one of two digital copywriters for all of North America, Rachel felt it was time to create something of her own.

She was ready to reclaim her passion for storytelling and use it for good as the Editor-in-Chief of her own story house. Lāer made its debut into the copywriting world under the studio’s namesake, but it wouldn't take long for Rachel's personal brand to grow. 


Continuously Creating Something Real, Raw, and True to Our Beloved Clients with a Growing Family of Experts

Today, the Lāer team comprises equally talented writers and studio management specialists, with Rachel at the helm as the Lead Writer and Editor-in-Chief.

The scope of the business may have changed and the list of characters broadened beyond our one heroine, but our heart to do good has remained the same. Little by little, layer by layer, our team of writers work to uncover what makes your brand's true heart and purpose.


Rachel Leslie




TheLāer family is comprised of operational experts and strategic storytellers with one goal in mind: to help our clients confidently share their stories with the world.


Heart-Led, Community-Minded,
Experts in Their Craft

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Kyle Sweeney

Associate Copywriter

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Associate Copywriter

Proudly calls Portland, Oregon home, ice-cream aficionado and world-traveler. Passionately supportive of Girls Write Now.

Midwestern at heart, Portland, Oregon-based, self-growth enthusiast and active adventurer. Passionately supportive of Warrior Women Project.

PNW-based creative devoted to mountain biking, iced coffee, and all things outdoorsy. Passionately supportive of Tuesdays For Trash.




Our goal is to deliver thoughtful results and lasting messaging that has an impact for years to come.


We not only aim to help our clients discover the beauty in their narratives but a clear understanding of their perspective and how to communicate it.


We believe there is power in our voices and unique stories–and our mission is to inspire positive impact through our actions and words alike.


We help give our clients the tools, understanding, and expression to confidently speak to and connect with their audience.


We feel the most powerful stories are those that are real–and our mission is to write authentic narratives that communicate and stay true to the core of our clients while standing out.

Our Heart & Soul

What Lies at the Core of Lāer