A collaborative writing adventure with this SLO-Cal-based jewelry and ceramic homewares studio.

Amber E. Lea 


from the studio

from the studio

Lighthearted, Welcoming, Empowering

Brand Messaging | Custom Website Copy

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San Luis Obispo, CA
Handmade Jewelry & Ceramic Homewares

The Brief

For founder, artist, and namesake of Amber E. Lea, Amber has always been drawn to making beauty with her hands. As her sculpting and making deepened over the years (almost 30!), extending into homewares, jewelry, and a sustainable process, her intentions and purpose have, too. While her collections were growing, so was this deep feeling of disconnect to her messaging. She yearned for a simpler approach to convey her values. Enter Lāer.

Art in all its forms.

Story Arc

With Morgan of Thuro Design leading the way on Amber’s visuals, we had everything we needed to bring her brand to life through words. Working with Amber felt like an artistic collaboration in all its forms. As she made her way out to the West Coast to embark on a new chapter with her family, we ventured into unknown territory, weaving words and phrases that spoke to her values, heart, and of course, her beautiful products. 

Intentional messaging to convey her business and heart.

The Result

The words we wrote not only made their way onto her website but onto her product packaging and social media channels, too. Amber finally has something that feels intentional and represents her story and her brand's reason for existing. She can now greet this next chapter with something that's quite literally a work of art. See for yourself.

Branding & Web Design by Thuro Design
Photography By Steph Smith


A Deeply Creative Collaboration

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