Impactful brand messaging and web copy to convey the power of this brand’s heart and superfood

Real Noni, Say Aloha to
Plant-Powered Healing


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from the studio

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Kaua’i, Hawaii
Plant-Based CPG Brand

The Brief

Formerly Hawaiian Organic Noni, Real Noni is a family-owned and operated farm based in Kaua’i. Their product’s core ingredient—Noni fruit—puts acai to shame when it comes to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers.

They grow, harvest and bottle Noni fruit right on their farm and have been at it for over 30 years. When the team came to us, they knew it was time for a refresh across all aspects of copy—messaging, labels, product descriptions, and website copy—the whole ecosystem.

A deeply collaboration and
creative process.

Story Arc

We set off with our keyboards at the ready to do a deep dive into the brand's history, the industry itself, and where Real Noni would continue to fit into it today—all while remaining true to their purpose. 

Over several months, we worked closely with the team to ensure their vision was upheld. We were even brought on virtual walks of the farm to get the feel of what it was like to be there!

Messaging rooted in passion and purpose.

The Result

When our time came to an end, the Real Noni team walked away with comprehensive messaging that wasn’t only concise but spoke to why they started the business in the first place—to protect the land, honor tradition, and help people feel their best.

Branding By Nice People
Additional Copy By Alexa Sibberson of Nice People
Illustrations By Wendy Hollender


A Deeply Creative Collaboration




Love all of this. You nailed it! Great job.

fawne, creative director

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