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As I'm sitting here reading over everything you all crafted for me, I feel so grateful and energized. Having my brand messaging serve as the new foundation for where I'm taking my business is incredibly empowering and affirming. I feel like I finally have the clarity and confidence to take my business to the next level.

Trust your instincts and take the leap – I promise they will uncover the voice you've been looking for.

Zoë, Past Client


I've read my copy to everyone who would listen. I tell my friends how over the moon I am about my experience and how surprised I am to have felt like I found my own voice through this copywriting journey.

I never inquired or considered a different copywriting studio. I knew Laer Studio was my only choice.

Ahna, Past Client


If you have a business or a brand, working with Lāer Studio for your copy will heighten your professional demeanor and present a congruent and consistent personality throughout your entire website, which, in my opinion, is crucial. Rachel is an absolute dream to work with! I highly recommend working with Lāer Studio!

The creative process unfolded so beautifully! It was a wonderful experience.

Jade, Past Client


if you're looking to hire a copywriter I recommend hiring Lāer x a million! The process was so easy and I wouldn't have been able to do the work they did even if I sat down for a straight month trying to figure it out!

I truly enjoyed the experience and am filled with gratitude for my new copy. 

Darby, Past Client


The process was just so well orchestrated, smooth and easy to work through. I loved that Rachel made time for multiple check-ins during the copywriting period to clarify everything because it made it so much easier than emails.

Where to begin... Rachel is so incredibly easy to work with. 

Dr. Rubenstein, Past Client


I haven't had copy done before but I just loved the gentleness of their team, the flow, the processes, everything was made so easy! My top priority was to be able to get all of my thoughts, visions, and dreams into a language my ideal clientele would understand and relate to, and you helped me do that.

I loved the intentionally behind every detail. They heard me and helped me find my brand voice.

Alex, Past Client


Overall, I feel more connected and aligned with my brand and where I see my business in the next few years, and who I want to serve. I've seen a higher engagement rate across all platforms. I'm attracting more dream clients and dream opportunities.

Whitney, Past Client

They really get you. I've been referring everyone to Rachel and her team...


Thank you so much for everything you have put into this copy for me. It was an emotional response reading through it because it just felt so right, so elevated and gave my brand the voice it's been lacking.

Keely, Past Client

I could not recommend Lāer enough to anyone looking to enhance and elevate their copy experience. 


Rachel always came back with copy that was easy going yet "romantic"—my term for how to describe the why behind the launch of my print shop. I think she did a great job translating my story into a launch flow that was a cool journey for my readers to go through. I was so, so grateful for her expertise through my launch and it wouldn't have been as powerful without her!

Alyssa, Past Client

Lāer was so professional and creative! I felt at ease telling my story...


If you're looking for a copywriter who partners with you, dives into detail and nails the brand voice on the first try, Lāer Studio is it! We partnered together to create cohesive, impactful and on-brand messaging throughout my new website and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.

Nikki, Past Client

I loved the editorial, story-driven approach they take with their work. 






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