Feminine and fun website copy for the beauty industry’s newest haircare brand.

Bee Hair Co.


from the studio

from the studio

Feminine, Upbeat, Kindred

A Day in The Studio | Website Copy

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Neptune Beach, Florida

The Brief

Like many great conversations, the idea for Bee Hair Co. started in the salon. For salon owners and founders, Kortni and Stephanie knew the challenges of finding products that were clean and accessible. With decades of experience in the industry, it was time for them to take it into their own hands. Enter: Bee Hair Co. In partnership with the talented brand and web design studio, WK Creative, they were led to Lāer to develop the words and website copy to help them bring their vision to life.

From idea to a digital storefront.

Story Arc

With their fast-approaching launch date, we knew our A Day in The Studio day-rate service was the perfect fit. Our founder Rachel partnered with Kortni and Stephanie to curate custom website copy in just one week. They worked closely to uncover the layers that make up Bee, including their holistic approach, new product line, and guiding mission to bring self-love into everything they do.

Feminine (and fun) website copy to match it’s
uplifting branding.

The Result

The Bee team walked away with custom website copy to complement their new visual ecosystem just in time for their launch. It was the epitome of a creative collaboration. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have our fair share of fun with “honey, hive, and bee” puns weaved throughout.

Branding & Web Design by WK Creative
Photography By Kamokila 


A Deeply Creative Collaboration




It all looks amazing!!...Thank you so much for all of your amazing work.

Kortni, Co-Founder

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