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Above The Fold


*Deep inhale.*  Ahhh…that spring air is rolling through and bringing with it earthy scents of mulch, new life, flowering trees, and an invitation to spend more time outside. It’s no wonder April is Earth Month and sustainability is top of mind. We imagine everyone is welcoming that spring invitation with open arms, ready to get […]

Sustainability in business with Adam Simone of Leaf Shave

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

Can you feel the love in the air? Tis’ the season, after all. It’s that time of year when we pause to appreciate the loved ones in our lives and open our hearts to receiving a little extra love ourselves. But, as our busy schedules fill to the brim and we begin to notice all […]

Showing love to service providers

Entrepreneurship, Impact

Looking for some expert love advice from a professional? We’ve got you covered in this month’s Beyond the Brand interview. We’re sitting down with coach Anna Reidenbach to discuss all things love and business. How can we learn to love our work more? And, how can we love ourselves within that work? We asked these […]

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

Welcome to a chapter in the life and business of Alex Fairchild. Alex is the founder and lead designer of Marked By Alex, a creative design and floristry studio out of Denver, Colorado that offers artwork to the world (in the form of flowers and raw elements) that inspires, excites, and sparks conversation. With the […]

evolution of self and business

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

November is upon us, and this month comes with an important reminder.  Yes, to give thanks, but also…to give back.  How can we make our actions, spending choices, and business plans have a bigger impact on the good in the world? This was the question on our Studio’s mind as the holiday season began rolling […]

giving back through business

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

This month, the studio has been reflecting on what it means to work your way. And, sometimes, the only way to really work your way is to create your own business. So, it seems fitting that we speak with Lisa Hennessy of Fernweh, a creative studio located on the island of Kauai, HI., for this […]

Mission driven

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

In honor of back to school (maybe it’s all of the email campaigns we’ve been writing for our clients), we’re looking at how we approach going back into work. Not that we’ve been slowing down much (or not working), but I will say that things have felt intentionally…lighter during these sun-soaked months. And with fall […]

productivity hacks


Artist and businesswomen…these words don’t often find themselves next to each other. Nor do the words visual and communication, but it’s these combinations of words, and worlds that Calvina Nguyen has beautifully combined to create Your Brand Spark. A visual brand strategy studio that helps small businesses look and feel their best. For August’s installment […]

Visual Storytelling

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship

I returned from the land of pasta and wine not too long ago and I had some time to reflect on how this affected my outlook on remote work and life in general in and outside of my business. This wasn’t a typical trip. I don’t even think I can call it a vacation as […]

remote work and creativity

Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle

Water bottles, iced coffee cups, picnic supplies…it’s no surprise that summertime brings global awareness around waste, plastic use and how we are interacting with the outdoors. For Plastic-Free July, we wanted to chat with our favorite source of wisdom on sustainability—Sustainably Aimee.  Aimee, is a social media consultant and expert on sustainability practices. She also […]

Beyond The Brand, Entrepreneurship