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from the studio

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Bentonville, Arkansas & Worldwide
Adventure Travel Photography

The Brief

Hilary Lex is an experienced travel photographer with an insatiable love for light. She came to us with an exciting proposition at hand–refreshing her personal brand. Instead of focusing solely on her travel photography, she would highlight her guided trips to Nepal, too. In partnership with brand and web designer Dani, from Studio of Wonder, we set off to write custom website copy that captured Hilary’s sense of adventure and curiosity.

Piecing together the most noteworthy moments of Hilary’s travel stories.

Story Arc

Through this multi-week process, we collaborated with Hilary to craft something truly epic. During our research and interview process, we focused closely on her passion for capturing photos and leading tours in the beloved land of Nepal. 

A website that inspires bewilderment and awe.

The Result

When our journey together was complete, Hilary walked away with six pages of custom website copy rooted in her identity, with offerings for both travelers and conscious brands alike. What makes this project so unique is the gleaming details she included from her trips across the globe. One quick read-through, and you may find yourself in search of any reason to go on a trip with Hilary.

Branding by Studio Delger
Web Design by Studio of Wonder


A Deeply Creative Collaboration




I highly recommend using a copywriter! Lāer was so easy to work with and really held my hand through the process. And it made bringing my brand to life on my website SO MUCH easier.

hilary, founder

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